COPD Secondary Care - STP Reports

On this page you can download the latest 6-monthly Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) reports.

The reports are designed to provide STPs with an overall indication of the provision of quality assured COPD care by showing:

  • how individual hospitals in the STP perform compared to each other, and the national average,
  • how the STP overall compares to other STPs (and the national average).

All data is reported at both STP and individual hospital level for the following key audit indicators:

  • Patients receiving acute treatment with NIV within 2 hours of arrival
  • Patients receiving respiratory review by a member of the respiratory team within 24 hours of admission*
  • Current smokers prescribed smoking cessation pharmacotherapy
  • Patients that require oxygen are prescribed to target saturation
  • Patients with spirometry result available
  • Patients receiving a discharge bundle*

* Best practice tariff (BPT) items

All analysis methodology is provided within the downloaded report on the first sheet of the Excel workbook.

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STP Reports

STP Report 2018-11

(21/12/2018 - 155.5Kb)